Child and Adolescent ADHD Assessments

Child and Adolescent ADHD Assessments are available with our highly skilled and experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Sam Smith (see bio for more details).

Our service is proud to offer a holistic assessment for Children and Adolescents where ADHD is suspected. The process involves an initial screening appointment ideally with the young person to see if they have enough symptoms to warrant a full assessment. 

A further two to three appointments are then offered to undertake a clinical interview and to obtain clinical observations. Questionnaires will need to be completed by the family as well as someone who knows your child well from school / college.

This information is formulated and a follow-up feedback session is offered to discuss the findings and generate a treatment plan. A full report will be finalised and sent to you. 

Support following the assessment will be discussed which may be required for the young person and or family members. Various options will be considered which may also include discussions around medications and psycho-social interventions. 


Initial Consultation - £120.00

Comprehensive Assessment, Follow-up session and Full Report - £1,250.00

To book an Initial Child ADHD Consultation please complete an enquiry via this website. 

Adult ADHD Assessments

In compliance with NICE Guidelines a Comprehensive Assessment will be undertaken by our highly skilled and experienced clinician, Dr Alisha Azzopardi, Principal Clinical Psychologist. 

The assessment will consist of an Initial Consultation followed by another Two Appointments. Questionnaires may be completed during these appointments or sent out separately. If a corroborator is available a separate session will be set-up for this.


A comprehensive assessment will include the following;

  • Developmental history 
  • Educational History 
  • Screening for mood and other neuro-developmental traits
  • ADHD Semi-structured interview 
  • Further interview with a corroborator who has known you since childhood or most of adult life (not essential but recommended)

The assessment is then formulated and a feedback session is undertaken with you to review the diagnoses (if given) and a treatment / follow-up plan generated. A full report is finalised and shared with you.  

Follow-up support focusing on psycho-social interventions is available with the assessing clinician or another clinician in the team depending on need and preference. 


Initial Consultation: £120.00

Comprehensive Adult ADHD Assessment with Feedback session and Report: £950.00

To book an Initial Adult ADHD Consultation please complete an enquiry via this website.

Autism Diagnostic Assessment image
We are very pleased to offer Autism Diagnostic Assessments and Post Diagnostic Support for Adults - recognised by the National Autistic Society -

Mandy Dodds and Charlotte Boulton are both highly skilled and experienced Clinical Psychologists who will work side by side in offering this comprehensive and much needed service. (please find profiles for Charlotte and Mandy in the Clinicians Section).

The process will begin by completing an online referral form which will be reviewed by Clinical Lead Dr Alisha Azzopardi and either Charlotte Boulton or Mandy Dodds. If any further information needs to be gathered, Claire Williams will arrange a time to call you. Following this you will be sent some forms to complete and offered a screening appointment which can last up to one hour. This appointment can be face to face or online.

We offer a 2 step autism assessment process for adults. This consists of initial screening followed by the option of a full diagnostic assessment if indicated.
Autism Diagnostic Process image
For clients aged 17 years and above who are interested in learning more about a potential diagnosis our service comprises of:

1. Initial screening
2. Diagnostic Assessment
3. Post-diagnostic Support

Initial screening: During the initial screening appointment, you will be offered a telephone, video or face to face appointment of up to 60 minutes to discuss your reasons for pursuing an autism assessment. The results of the screening questionnaires, which you completed when you first contacted the service, will be shared and we will discuss whether there is sufficient evidence at this point to warrant progressing to a full diagnostic assessment.

It's important to know that even when there are good indicators at screening, assessment cannot guarantee a positive diagnosis. There is no pressure to decide your next steps at this stage. The screening appointment helps you to make an informed decision about whether diagnostic assessment is right for you at this time.

Diagnostic assessment: 
This usually consists of two to three semi-structured clinical interviews.
Appointments can be in person or via video call, depending on your preference. Our assessments are compliant with the Autism NICE guidelines (2012).

During these appointments, you will be asked questions about your family background, your mental health, communication style, social interaction and relationships, repetitive behaviours, interests and sensory experiences. As autism is a lifelong diagnosis it is also important to assess for evidence in childhood. Therefore, we will ask for access to school reports and previous assessments (if available) and to make a telephone appointment with someone who knew you well as a child. Usually, but not exclusively, this will be a family member.

Once all the information is gathered, a comprehensive report will be written with a conclusion as to whether or not you meet the threshold for a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition. Recommendations for future help and support will also be made. This will be discussed in detail during a final feedback session.

Post Diagnostic Support: 
Following diagnosis, we can provide ongoing sessions to help you understand your ASC and how it impacts your life and relationships. We recognise that adjusting to the diagnosis will involve unique challenges which we can help you process, explore and ultimately manage.

It's important to know that there is an NHS autism diagnostic service in Dorset. Referrals can be made via your GP. There are specific eligibility criteria for referral and waiting times.
Initial screening fees are £120
This includes initial screening forms which you would be asked to complete and return via email. This is followed by a 30 minute telephone or Zoom call to discuss the results of the screening.

Full Diagnostic Assessment Fee is £1,440 Inclusive
If you wish to go ahead with a full Adult Autism Assessment, you will be booked in at the clinic, in person. This will include two or three appointments, face to face or zoom . A telephone appointment with someone who knew you in childhood (up to 1 hr). Results of the assessment and recommendations tailored to your unique needs will be discussed with you at the final feedback appointment. You will receive a full diagnostic report.

Post Diagnostic Support Fees are £120.00 per session
Following diagnosis, we can provide ongoing sessions to help you adjust to the diagnosis, understand your autism and help you move towards a rich and purposeful life. Sessions are charged at the standard Clinical Psychology rate of £120 per session.