What happens in sessions
Following your enquiry, you will be sent a referral form to complete online. Once returned, this will be screened by Claire Williams and Dr Alisha Azzopardi and then referred on to the most appropriate clinician to meet your needs.

Your clinician will begin by undertaking an assessment which may last a few sessions. This helps them to agree on your needs and what changes you would like to make as well as which model of therapy is most suited.

Children and Families

With children and families we work 'Systemically' which means to include key family members and other important people at various stages of the treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for long term gains.

Adolescents and Adults 

With older adolescents and adults, family members may be invited to sessions but the work is typically 1:1. This helps to create a safe and confidential space allowing you to develop the trust needed to work through the difficulties you may be facing.


With couples, both of you will attend the first session and an agreement will be made as to whether you wish to continue meeting as a couple or for one of you to come individually.

Session Length

Therapy sessions last for approximately 50 minutes unless otherwise agreed. Extended assessment appointments with a Clinical Nurse Therapist or Clinical Psychologist will last for 90 minutes and charged accordingly.